Christmas Tea Gift Guide

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Christmas Tea Gift Guide

The Christmas spirit is catching here at Char, and we have already had a few people asking about buying Christmas presents! 

With that in mind, we have created a handy helper for anyone intimidated by how many types of tea we have to make sure your recipient is grinning ear-to-ear with their first brew on Christmas morning!


How to choose a tea blend as a gift at Christmas

Quick links to the teas in our Christmas tea gift chooser

You can find any of the teas in our gift chooser by using our site search, or by following the links below:

Sweet, Loose Leaf and Caffeine-Free

Herbal, Loose Leaf and Caffeine-Free

Loose Leaf Tea for Connoisseurs

Everyday Loose Tea – Not Too Strong

Special Tea – Not Too Strong

Strong Loose Tea for Every Day

Strong & Special Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Teas for Beginners

Spicy Flavoured Christmas Teas

Scented Christmas Teas

Caffeine Free Teabags

Strong Everyday Teabags

Everyday Teabags – Not Too Strong

Special Teabags