White Monkey Tea (Bai Mao Hou)

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What is White Monkey Tea?

White Monkey Tea - also known as Bai Mao Hou and often called Fujian Monkey Picked - is one of the great teas of China. According to legend, it was originally picked from high-growing plants in such difficult cliff-edge locations that monkeys were trained to pluck the leaves. The rough, slightly fluffy leaf produces a light yellowish-green infusion with a mild cup and nuances of honey. Drink from the afternoon onwards.

Tea Information
Type Green Tea
Origin Fujian Province, China
Format Loose Leaf Tea
Taste Mild, Honey Nuances with a Yellowish Green Infusion.
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Add hot but not boiling water (75-80ºC). Infuse for two-three minutes. Suitable for multiple infusions.