Winchester Fruit Basket Pyramid Tea Bags (Biodegradable)

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Do you remember Grandma's garden? All those lovely fruits and the gorgeous flavours. Here it is again in Winchester Fruit Basket from Char - a rich blend of fruits for you to enjoy hot or cold. What distinguishes this from the average is that it really tastes of fruit unlike so many fruit infusions which smell good but taste of nothing.

Ingredients include: hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces, orange peel, raspberry granulate (glucose, syrup-wheat, sugar, raspberries, thickening agent: sodum alginate), blackcurrant leaves and natural flavouring.

The tea bags are made from soilon - a corn starch which is biodegradable.

Tea Information
Type Fruit Blend
Format Loose & Biodegradable Soilon Pyramid Tea Bags
Taste Sweet Rich and Fruity with a Deep Scarlet Coloured Cup.
Brewing Advice Two dessert spoons of tea per cup or according to taste. Add boiling water (100ºC). Infuse for five to ten minutes.