Earl Grey Supreme Tea

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Lovers of Earl Grey Tea will adore Char Teas' original Earl Grey Supreme Tea blend, available as loose leaf tea or biodegradable tea bags. With Char Teas UK you can buy Earl Grey tea online today for dispatch within 24 hours. Our loose leaf Earl Grey tea, like all our speciality scented teas, comes packaged in resealable pouches to keep in that fresh flavour, and we offer fast and convenient home delivery.

Earl Grey Supreme Review

Don't just take our word for it that our Earl Grey Supreme is the best Earl Grey around! Below is a review from one of our customers, who purchased this tea in our Winchester store:

What an experience we had today, the gentleman who served us was a true tea lover, his knowledge of the whole tea life cycle have such a profound effect on us we could not wait to try a pot of Earl Grey Supreme WOW! Sadly a local Portsmouth tea company has lost a client but Char has gained our support and custom. Go to Char it is a truly magical tea emporium. Thank you Char, see you soon.

5-star Google review by Gez

What is Earl Grey Tea?

The original Earl Grey tea consisted of pure China tea lightly flavoured with fine bergamot oil. The bergamot flavouring was intended to protect the tea from the taste of mould and tar, which could arise from the long sea journey to England. Char's Earl Grey Supreme now sets the standard for Earl Grey. It is made from a base of superb quality Ceylon tea, expertly perfumed with the finest bergamot oil and decorated with cornflower petals. It is full bodied, rich in flavour and with a striking appearance. It is suitable for those who enjoy their tea with milk, as this will not overwhelm the flavour.

Which Earl Grey tea is the best?

When it comes to determining the best Earl Grey tea, Char Teas' Earl Grey Supreme stands out as a top contender. This exceptional blend is based on the finest Ceylon tea, creating a rich and robust flavour profile. The tea is elegantly infused with natural bergamot oil, imparting a distinct and aromatic citrus note that perfectly balances the boldness of the black tea. The careful selection of premium ingredients and meticulous blending process ensure a consistently high-quality tea that is both refreshing and invigorating. For those seeking an unparalleled Earl Grey experience, Earl Grey Supreme by Char Teas is the epitome of excellence.

Buy Earl Grey Supreme Tea as a Gift

If you are interested in buying our legendary Earl Grey Supreme Tea as a gift for a loved one, we have several gift options available, such as our Favourites Tea Set and our ornamental gift caddy - and you can view our full range of tea gifts here.

Or if buying for yourself and looking for another fine tea to complement it, consider our Lady Winchester Tea, which many of our customers have chosen to pair with this Char Earl Grey.

There is no alternative, so buy the best Earl Grey tea online today at Char Teas - and don't forget, we have many more delightful Earl Grey teas just waiting to be discovered!

Tea Information
Type Scented Black Tea
Origin Sri Lanka, Ceylon
Format Loose Leaf or Pyramid Tea Bags
Taste Fragrant and Strong
Brewing Advice Use one dessert spoon of tea per cup. Infuse with near boiling water for three minutes or according to taste. Add milk if desired.