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In this article, we'll show you how to make a mouth-watering Earl Grey cake, infusing the classic tea's aromatic charm into a delectable dessert. It is the time of year again for garden parties – a wonderful way to be with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine on a summer afternoon. As always, we at Char are delighted to hear how you are enjoying our delicious teas, and a short while ago a customer came into the shop to restock on our most popular Earl Grey tea, and told us they were going to make a cake with it. Naturally, we...

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This delightful, easy-to-make beverage teeters between the sweetness of vanilla and the floral explosion of Lavender Blossoms, with the cakey base of rooibos to balance the two beautifully. You can get both Rooibos Vanilla, and Lavender Blossoms at Char in our Winchester shop, or online. I enjoy this best with coconut milk which gives it some extra lightness, but you can use any milk you prefer. If you like it a little sweeter, it is also lovely with a dash of honey. Thing's You'll Need You will need a 500ml container that will fit in your fridge, and a strainer...

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Whether you are trying to keep cool on the hottest days, or just want to feel a little more refreshed, Char have an excellent range of teas for you to try as cold brews. There are a few ways to enjoy tea cold, and we will outline these for you. Try a few, you may be surprised by what you enjoy best!   Just Ice, Please This is the quickest and simplest option, for those of you who just want one refreshing cool cup of tea. Prepare your tea as you would normally based on the infusion instructions, with half...

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