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How to Cold Brew Teas for Summer Sipping

Whether you are trying to keep cool on the hottest days, or just want to feel a little more refreshed, Char have an excellent range of teas for you to try as cold brews.

There are a few ways to enjoy tea cold, and we will outline these for you. Try a few, you may be surprised by what you enjoy best!


Just Ice, Please

This is the quickest and simplest option, for those of you who just want one refreshing cool cup of tea. Prepare your tea as you would normally based on the infusion instructions, with half the water you would typically use. Either allow this to come to room temperature, or into this hot drink, pop a few ice cubes until it is nice and cold. Add milk as desired.


The ‘Here’s One I Made Earlier’

This is a marvellous option for anyone who is preparing for a picnic or garden party – spoon approximately four dessert spoons of tea (or place four teabags) into a 1 litre jug and add cold water. Place this in the fridge overnight, and you will have a beautiful jug of tea ready to impress your guests with, or enjoy yourself! This can also be done with milk or milk alternatives rather than just water if you are making a flavoured black tea. Simply strain off the tea as you pour into your glass.


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Cool and Carbonated

Believe it or not, some of our fruit teas work beautifully with tonic water or lemonade! You can follow the ‘Here’s One I Made Earlier’ approach, substituting water for your carbonated beverage of choice. Due to the effervescence, teas do not require as long to infuse – so this is an excellent option to impress if you have little time to spare. Simply spoon four dessert spoons of your favourite fruity tea into a jug, add lemonade, and pop it into the fridge for half an hour. Strain tea as you serve.


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