Earl Grey Pairing For A Match Made in Heaven

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Earl Grey Pairing For A Match Made in Heaven

This Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating the delightful pairings of our flavoured Earl Grey teas! Try an Earl Grey pairing for yourself and fall in love.


Rosy Earl Grey

A rose by any other name would taste as delicately divine when paired with our flavourful and robust Earl Grey. Try it without milk to get the most of the floral nuances of this pairing.

Rosy Earl Grey Tea


Smoky Earl Grey

Smoky Earl Grey was a favourite of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and we think you will agree that she knew a strong pairing. This tea is for those of you who like a hint of unpredictability in a partner, transporting you to a bonfire-side on a soft summer evening.

Smoky Earl Grey Tea 

Lavender Earl Grey

Packed full of countryside escapism, this Earl Grey tea has a soothing and whimsical charm. Dance in a lavender field and enjoy the citrusy bergamot of the Earl Grey, alongside the earthiness of the tea itself. This tea is a whole travel-and-romance novel in a cup.


Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Lady Winchester

The Lady of Winchester dons her summer dress and glides through her carefully cultivated garden, languidly inspecting and admiring each plant in turn as she sips her Earl Grey infused with orange and grapefruit as well as bergamot. She is independent and vibrant, and will only take a partner who enhances her best qualities.

Lady Winchester Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Order these Earl Grey teas today for yourself or a loved one and get swept away!