Jasmine Collection Tea Gift Set

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An ideal gift for Jasmine lovers this loose leaf tea gift set includes a wonderful selection of connoisseur teas...

  • Fine China Jasmine - a jasmine tea. It is superior in both taste and appearance. The fragrant leaves are harvested and processed thoroughly. They are then sieved to give the tea a more distinct taste. The cup has a light slightly yellow colour, spreading a glorious bouquet of jasmine. Ingredients: half fermented tea and jasmine blossoms
  • Jasmine Pearls (Mo Li Long Zhu) - from the Fujian Province of China. The difference between an ordinary grade of Jasmine Pearl and this Imperial Grade of Jasmine tea is the content of single leaf and bud. This is shown by the amount of fluff on the inside of the pouch. Also two additional jasmine layers were used to perfume this delicious tea. As a result the pearls have a stronger jasmine scent and a superior, more refined taste.
  • Jasmine Silver Needle (Grade 1) - Not all Jasmine silver needle tea is of the same grade. This is Imperial grade 1 - the very best. A connoisseur white tea from the Fujian province. The white buds are picked in spring and naturally sun dried without rolling. The tea is then scented on five consecutive nights with jasmine blossoms. The result is a delicate tea, high in antioxidants and with a gentle jasmine perfume.

Collection includes; 1x Fine China Jasmine 100g, 1x Jasmine Pearls 50g, 1x Jasmine Silver Needle 50g, 1x Stainless Steel Infuser (with drip tray)

Tea Information
Type Green Tea/ Green Tea/ Green Tea
Origin China / China / China
Format Loose Leaf Tea