Jasmine Pearls Imperial Tea

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For all connoisseurs of the finest Jasmine Pearl Tea, also known as Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Mo Li Hua Zhu, we are proud to introduce a very high grade of Jasmine Pearls (Mo Li Long Zhu) from the Fujian Province of China.

Choose Imperial for a Superior Grade of Jasmine Pearl Tea

The difference between the standard grade of Jasmine Pearl Tea and this Imperial Grade is the content of single leaf and bud. This is shown by the amount of fluff on the inside of the pouch. Also, two additional jasmine layers were used to perfume this delicious tea. As a result, the pearls have a stronger jasmine scent and a superior, more refined taste.

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Tea Information
Type Green Tea
Origin Fujian Province, China
Format Loose Leaf Tea
Taste Soft and Velvety with a Gentle Jasmine Flavour.
Brewing Advice Eight to ten pearls per cup. Add hot but not boiling water (80ºC). Infuse for two minutes. Suitable for multiple infusions.