Winter Fairytale Set

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Sure to be well received by any tea lover. It includes:

Winter Fairytale - try the mulled wine of tea: a delightful Ceylon tea blended with cinnamon pieces, sliced almond, apple, vanilla cuts and natural flavouring. Warm and soothing, it's perfect for Christmas, or days when you want to feel spicy and warm.

Glass Teapot - A classically styled hand blown glass teapot. Made from the very best material, borax heat resistant glass, this teapot is excellent for all teas particularly art teas and tea flowers. Add the sense of sight to the brewing of your favourite tea.

Collection includes; 1x Tin Winter Fairytale 100g, 1x Ronda Glass Teapot (750ml)

Tea Information
Type Black Tea 
Origin Char Blends
Format Loose Leaf