Queen Catherine of Braganza Afternoon Tea

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This exquisite loose-leaf oolong tea is our tribute to Queen Catherine of Braganza and her husband King Charles II, who brought tea to England around 1662. Their passion for tea resulted in England becoming a tea-drinking nation.

A Truly Majestic Oolong Tea

This oolong tea is the same in nature and taste as the teas Queen Catherine and the court would have enjoyed at that time, with a special combination of attributes that we think you will love too:

  • Non-astringent;
  • Light and flowery;
  • Spicy taste.

Buy Queen Catherine of Braganza Afternoon Tea as a Gift

This very special tea is available as a charming tea caddy gift, and as part of our beautiful Coat of Arms Tea Set, just one of our many delightful gifts for tea lovers.

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Tea Information
Type Oolong Tea
Origin Taiwanese Mountains
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Rich with Complexity. Light in the cup and has a Flowery, Spicy Taste.
Brewing Advice Use approximately one heaped dessert spoon per cup. Add freshly poured
hot water (80-90ºC). Infuse for two to three minutes.