Coat of Arms Tea Collection with Glass Teapot

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A wonderful gift for any tea lover - all beautifully packaged in air tight tea caddies.

King Charles II tea is to honour him and his wife Queen Catherine who introduced tea to England. Charles II Winchester Breakfast Extra Strong is a Breakfast Tea with a full rich and malty taste, refinement and vigour.

A Tribute to Queen Catherine of Braganza. This oolong tea is the same in nature and taste as the teas Queen Catherine and the court would have enjoyed at that time - non astringent, light flowery tea with a spicy taste.

Winchester Earl Grey Supreme. Char completely rejects this thinking in presenting superb Ceylon tea, scented with bergamot and decorated with a sprinkling of cornflowers to create a rich, full bodied flavour and a striking appearance. Our Earl Grey is specifically blended for those who enjoy their tea with milk – its addition compliments rather than overwhelms the tea.

Glass Teapot - A classically styled hand blown glass teapot. Made from the very best material, borax heat resistant glass, this teapot is excellent for all teas particularly art teas and tea flowers. Add the sense of sight to the brewing of your favourite tea.

Collection includes; 1x King Charles II 100g, 1x Queen Catherine of Braganza 50g, 1x Winchester Earl Grey 100g, 1x Rhonda Glass Teapot (750ml)

Tea Information
Type Black / Oolong / Black
Origin Assam, India, Ceylon Sri Lanka, Taiwan