Milk Oolong

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Milk oolong, sometimes called silk oolong, has such a unique taste that many romantic stories have evolved to explain its unusual flavour. The explanation (the prosaic one) of the sweet milk and light orchid notes is the result of the sudden shift in temperature during harvest in Fujian Province. This tea is semi-fermented, meaning it is between a black tea and a green tea. It is an exceptional connoisseur oolong. Drink from lunchtime onwards.

Oolong teas have always been taken seriously by those who are serious about tea. They are partially or semi-oxidized teas. Depending on the production methods used, oolong teas fall into two categories - dark open leafed or greener balled. Both offer a beautiful fresh and complex tea drinking experience.

The darker oolongs can be infused several times, giving a soft, fruity, pale amber liquor with a honeyed character. The greener oolongs give a very pale amber-green liquor and have a wonderful fragrant character comparable to narcissus or hyacinth. Both can be infused several times. Oolongs are traditionally manufactured in China and Taiwain although other countries have now also started production.

Tea Information
Type Oolong Tea
Origin Fujian Province of China
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Delicate and Refreshing with Sweet Nuances
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Infuse in hot (70-80ºC) but not boiling water for four to five minutes.