Mango Mango Mango Tea

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Have you tasted our delicious Mango Mango Mango Tea yet? Our unique mango loose tea conjures up dreams of long white sandy beaches, skies without a cloud - these are the images that come to mind when sipping this (low in acid) exotic fruit blend.

Mango Mango Mango Loose Tea Ingredients

  • slices of pineapple;
  • slices of mango;
  • slices of orange;
  • freeze-dried tangerine-orange and strawberry pieces;
  • safflower;
  • marigold blossoms;
  • natural sugars.

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Tea Information
Type Fruit Blend
Origin Char Blend
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Fruity, Sweet, Zesty & Rich
Brewing Advice Two dessert spoons per cup. Add boiling water. Infuse for three to five minutes.