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Learn more about tea and the best way to prepare our range of loose leaf teas with renowned tea specialist, historian and writer Jane Pettigrew.

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How to brew loose leaf Pu erh tea

Learn how to brew the perfect cup of Pu erh tea every time with this expert video demonstration guide.

How to brew tea at the right temperature

It's really important to brew your tea at the right temperature to avoid spoiling your tea, and to get the best results. Learn more in our video.

The different types of tea

Our tea expert explains the technical differences between white, black and green tea, and herbal infusions made from other plants.

What are flavoured teas?

Our tea specialist introduces flavoured teas, discussing popular examples such as Earl Grey.

Fujian Monkey Picked Tea Brewing & Tasting

In this video we demonstrate how to brew Fujian Monkey Picked Tea, and discuss its unique flavour.

Discovering green oolong tea

How green oolong tea is produced and why this enhances its flavour.

How are loose leaf green teas manufactured?

Discover the different traditions of green tea production from around the world in our tea expert's video guide.

How much loose leaf tea should you use?

Our tea specialist explains the exact volume of loose leaf tea you will need to brew the perfect cup.

How to brew tea

Our tea specialist explains how to brew tea to perfection, including all the things you will need.

How to infuse your tea

If you don't have a tea infuser, you can still infuse loose leaf tea using these alternative methods.

How to brew loose leaf tea

In this video we show you how to brew loose leaf tea.

How to brew loose leaf oolong tea

We introduce oolong tea - how to brew it, how it's made, and what to look out for when tasting it for the very first time.

Learn the different types of oolong tea

Learn the different varieties of oolong tea, their origins, and their unique and distinctive flavours.

Why makes our teapots special

Char Teas teapots are specially selected for their superior pourability - discover more in this video.

What is the flavour of Pu erh tea?

We discuss the fascinating flavour and aroma waiting to be discovered when you taste Pu erh tea.

Lady Winchester - our original Earl Grey tea blend

Tea specialist Jane Pettigrew introduces Char Teas' Lady Winchester, our unique and original Earl Grey blend adding wonderful new citrus flavours.

About the book Tea Classified

Jane Pettigrew discusses her book Tea Classified, which details the different teas available from around the world.

Introducing white tea

Our tea expert Jane Pettigrew introduces white tea, how it is produced and the best way to brew loose leaf white tea.

Why do black teas taste different?

Our tea expert Jane Pettigrew explains why black teas taste differently due to their different production processes.

Discovering yellow teas

What are yellow teas? Discover more about this exciting new introduction to the UK tea market in our video.

How to brew loose leaf black tea

In our video tea expert Jane Pettigrew demonstrates how to brew loose leaf black tea to perfection.

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