Assam Thowra

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A TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) Assam, our Assam Thowra tea grows in one of the most famous tea estates of Assam. It is strong and malty - perfect for cosy evenings by the fireside and ideally taken with cream and sugar. It has a typically large Assamica leaf that is well processed with lots of golden tips. A spicy malty scent unfolds from the deeply copper coloured cup, making it an Assam well worth trying.

Discovering Assam

Assam is the largest tea growing area in the world, where 2,000 gardens can produce almost 450,000 tons of tea each year. Assam tea accounts for about 55 per cent of India's total annual production. Assam is a vast and beautiful area of dense forests and open rolling plains through which the mighty Brahmaputra river runs, carrying rich fertile soil down from the mountains of Tibet to the agricultural plains. Exceptionally high rainfall (sometimes exceeding 10m in just one season) produces a very humid environment comparable to being inside a vast greenhouse - consequently the plants thrive, producing a tea which is very different to Darjeeling.

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Tea Information
Type Black Tea
Origin Assam, India
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Strong and malty, produces a deep copper-coloured cup
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Add fresh boiling water. Infuse for three minutes or according to taste.