Rose Pu erh

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Pu erh teas are moisturised again after fermentation and stored in wide, dark cellars for more than a year. This half-fermented tea has a red cup and gentle aromatic rose flavour, creating an elegant unity with the typical and special flavour of pu erh.

Ingredients: Pu erh tea, pink and white rosebuds, rose petals, natural flavours.

Pu erh tea is widely sold as a weight loss tea and is regularly used as a main ingredient in commercially prepared weight loss tea mixtures. Although there is, as yet, no empirically backed evidence as to how Pu erh tea might facilitate weight loss, there are widely proposed explanations. The belief is that the tea increases the drinkers metabolic rate and that the high tannin level reduces nutrient absorbtion.

Whatever your reasons for drinking Puerh it is one of the most interesting teas of China and drunk around the World for its distinctive taste as well as its health properties.

Tea Information
Type Pu erh Tea
Origin Yunnan Province China
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Strong, Spicy and Earthy taste with the Delicate Flavour of Rose.
Brewing Advice Use one dessert spoon per cup, add hot water (80º-90ºC) and infuse for three to five minutes. Suitable for two infusions.