Jasmine Silver Needle Tea (Imperial Grade 1)

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Not all Jasmine Silver Needle Tea is of the same grade. This particular variety of Jasmine Silver Needle is Imperial Grade 1 - the very best. A connoisseur white tea from the Fujian province. The white buds which are the source of this tea are picked in spring and naturally sun-dried without rolling. The tea is then scented on five consecutive nights with jasmine blossoms. The result is a delicate tea, high in antioxidants and with a gentle jasmine perfume.

Our loose-leaf Jasmine Silver Needle comes in a sealed pouch for freshness and is available for you to buy online today for fast and convenient home delivery.

Tea Information
Type White Tea
Origin Fujian Province of China
Format Loose Leaf Tea
Taste Light, Delicate, Soft and Sweet
Brewing Advice Use three teaspoons of tea per cup. Infuse at 85ºC for one minute. Suitable for multiple infusions.