Peppermint Pyramid Tea Bags (Biodegradable)

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Bringing you an exquisitely light and fresh flavour, our Peppermint Tea Pyramids are available for you to order online today for fast and convenient home delivery.

Peppermint was discovered towards the end of the 17th century on an English mint field. Today the intense scent is well known all over the world. The typical taste comes from the high content of etheral oils, of which 60% alone is constituted by menthol. Char has used only the finest leaves in this premium quality peppermint. It is also popular for its digestive properties and calming effect. Caffeine free.

The tea bags are made from soilon - a corn starch which is biodegradable.

Tea Information
Type Herbal Infusion
Origin Croatia
Format Biodegradable Soilon Pyramid Tea Bags
Taste Fresh, Light and Clensing
Brewing Advice One tea bag per cup. Add fresh boiling water. Infuse for three to five minutes or according to taste.