Chamomile Tea

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Perfect for traditional tea lovers, this is a very high-quality chamomile tea. Our hand-sorted loose flower chamomile is more intense in flavour than the usual traditional product and is naturally caffeine-free.

  • Chamomile tea has been used since Neolithic times and is reputed to have relaxing qualities.
  • A cup before bed may aid a good night's sleep.
  • This traditional tea is delicious hot or cold, plain or sweetened with honey.

We challenge you to compare this chamomile from the Char online tea store with any you have previously enjoyed, we are certain you will notice the enhanced flavour created by our unique process.

Chamomile Tea's Reputed Health Benefits

Chamomile Tea has a long history as a traditional herbal remedy. While it should not be relied on as medication, some have found it beneficial for reducing inflammation, easing the symptoms of colds and aiding sleep. Others find chamomile helps with their general feeling of wellbeing, aiding relaxation and easing anxiety. 

Buy Chamomile as a Gift

With its calming, soothing flavour chamomile makes a wonderful gift, and if you would like to buy it as a traditional tea gift for a loved one, we have a number of options available. You can buy it presented in a stylish chamomile gift caddy, or you can buy chamomile as part of our calming tea collection - just one of our many wonderful gifts for tea lovers.

Buy Chamomile Tea Online Today

Ready to discover our chamomile for yourself? Buy our chamomile tea online today for fast and convenient home delivery - we'll include two free samples of tea along with your chamomile, so you can see what else our wonderful range has to offer you.

Chamomile Tea Information
Type Herbal Infusion
Ingredients Whole chamomile flowers
Origin Croatia
Format Loose Leaf Tea and Pyramid Tea Bags
Taste Fragrant
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Add fresh, boiling water and infuse your chamomile tea for four minutes.