Rooibos Mango Tea

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Buy our Rooibos Mango Tea for dreams of long white sandy beaches and skies without a cloud. These are the images that come to mind when sipping this (low in acid) exotic mango tea. For a caffeine free tea, this is uniquely indulgent and delicious.

Mango Rooibos Tea Ingredients

  • Rooibos,
  • slices of Pineapple,
  • mango,
  • orange,
  • freeze dried tangerine and strawberry pieces,
  • safflower,
  • marigold blossoms,
  • sugar,
  • natural flavouring.

Rooibos tea comes from the Cape province of South Africa and is naturally caffeine and tannic acid free. Chars rooibos tea is of the highest quality and has undergone the most thorough sifting and cleaning. It has been repeatedly sieved to ensure an even and high quality final product - a 'super grade' quality from cultivated rank growth.

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Tea Information
Type Rooibos Tea
Origin South Africa
Format Loose Leaf Tea
Taste Refreshing & Light with a delicious Mango Sweetness
Brewing Advice Use one dessert spoon per cup. Add freshly boiled water and infuse for eight to ten minutes.