Pu Erh Toucha Tea

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Pu Erh Toucha Tea is truly a tea connoisseur's delight, and is available to buy online here at Char Teas for fast, convenient home delivery - and remember, we offer two free samples of our traditional teas with every order!

What is Toucha Tea?

The toucha tea name comes from how the Pu Erh leaves are pressed into tiny individually wrapped bowls ('toucha' is a bird's nest in Chinese), each ideal for making a cup of Pu Erh tea. Pu Erh can be stored and left to mature over long periods of time. Like many fine wines, the older the tea the better. These toucha are ideal for travelling or days away. A very convenient way of enjoying the health benefits and unique taste qualities of this tea. Alleged health benefits: an aid to digestion, reducing cholesterol and weight loss. But it tastes great as well.

Health benefits of Pu Erh Tea

Pu Erh tea, as found in this toucha tea, is widely sold as a weight loss tea and is regularly used as a main ingredient in commercially prepared weight loss tea mixtures. Although there is, as yet, no empirically backed evidence as to how Pu Erh tea might facilitate weight loss, there are widely proposed explanations. The belief is that the tea increases the drinkers metabolic rate and that the high tannin level reduces nutrient absorption.

Whatever your reasons for drinking Pu Erh with this exquisite toucha tea, you will find it is one of the most interesting teas of China, drunk around the world for its distinctive taste as well as its health properties.

Tea Information
Type Pu Erh Tea
Origin Yunnan Province of China
Format Individually Wrapped Touchas
Taste Rich and Earthy
Brewing Advice One Toucha per cup. Add fresh, boiling water, infuse for five to ten minutes according to taste.