Orchid Keemun Supreme Tea

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Clean yet bold, Orchid Keemun, also known as Keemun Mao Feng and Qimen Orchid, is a connoisseur grade Keemun tea that is one of the world's great black teas. The name of this famous tea originates from the name of the nearby town Quimen which is between the spectacular Yellow Mountains and Yangzi River.

What Makes Orchid Keemun Supreme Tea Special?

There are many versions of Keemun but the difference is that Keemun Orchid Supreme is withered and oxidated very slowly. The taste is malty without astringency with an orchid like fragrance. The after-taste is slightly floral. This is one of the great teas of China containing less caffeine and less astringency than Assam. Excellent with or without milk, and can be served hot or iced.

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Tea Information

Black Tea

Origin Anhui Province of China
Format Loose Leaf Tea

Full-bodied, malty without astringency with an orchid like fragrance. Less astringent than Assam.

Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Add fresh boiling water. Infuse for three minutes or according to taste.