Liquorice Tea

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What is Liquorice Root tea?

'Sweet root' was first cultivated in England in the 16th century by Dominican monks in Pontefract, Yorkshire. This is where the trade in liquorice began. Liquorice contains B-complex vitamins and vitamin E along with trace elements, and over the years has also been used as a medicine. Suitable for any time of the day.

Liquorice Tea Ingredients

  • China black tea
  • Anis flavour
  • Mallow flowers
  • Liquorice root cut (10%).

If you have high blood pressure, liver disorder or diabetes, we do not recommend use of liquorice tea for more than seven days at a time.

Tea Information
Type Black China Tea
Origin An Original Char Blend
Format Loose Leaf Tea
Taste Sweet
Brewing Advice Use one dessert spoons per cup. Add boiling water. Infuse for three minutes or according to taste.