King Charles II Scottish Breakfast Tea

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With a uniquely strong and malty, spicy flavour, order our King Charles II Scottish Breakfast Tea online today for fast and convenient home delivery.

Originally blended in Edinburgh in about 1843, we now bring you this tea as a special tribute to King Charles II whose Scottish crest is shown here. Scottish Breakfast is an aromatic blend of high-quality, thoroughly matched broken teas from Assam, Ceylon and Sumatra. Copper coloured with a strong spicy quality. It can be consumed at any time of day.

Tea Information
Type Black Tea, Broken Leaf
Origin Assam, Ceylon, Sumatra
Format Loose Leaf Tea
Taste Strong, Malty, Highly Spicy with a Copper Coloured Cup
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Add fresh boiling water. Infuse for 3 minutes or according to taste.