Japan Sencha Fukujyu Green Tea

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Char Tea's Japan Sencha Fukujyu Green Tea comes from Shizuoka, near the slopes of Mount Fuji. The leaves are plucked mechanically during autumn and sorted by hand. Sencha means 'steamed'. It is a method of stopping the oxidization of green leaves. Very fine and fragile leaves produce a light olive green cup rich in vitamin C. It is mild and delicious with a subtle sweetness.

A lovely afternoon and evening tea.

Tea Information
Type Green Tea (Steamed)
Origin Shizuoka, Japan
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Mild, with a Subtle Sweetness.
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon of tea per cup or according to taste. Add hot but not boiling water (75º - 80ºC). Infuse for two to three minutes.