Cocoa & Cherries

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Buy Cocoa & Cherries, an original Char blend, and experience a delicious fruit infusion with a cherry, almond and cocoa taste.

Cocoa & Cherries Fruit Infusion Ingredients

  • hibiscus blossom
  • cocoa peel (20%)
  • rose hip peel
  • cocoa peel (20%)
  • liquorice roots
  • broken cocoa bits (6%)
  • sultanas
  • natural spice almond flavouring
  • natural tonka flavouring
  • bourbon vanilla

Tea Information
Type Fruit Infusion
Origin Char Blend
Format Loose 
Taste Fruity & Strong with a Dark Liquor
Brewing Advice Use one dessert spoon per cup. Add freshly boiled water. Infuse for five to ten minutes or according to taste.