Char Ceylon Supreme Tea

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This is true serendipity, meaning a happy discovery: Serendip was one of the names originally given to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and one fully deserved by Char Ceylon Supreme Tea. It is highgrown in the mountains of Sri Lanka which reach upto 5000 feet. The dry wind blows during the plucking season resulting in a tea with a beautiful copper colour, a distinctive aroma and mellow flavour. It takes well to milk although we recommend you drink it black. Full bodied soothing and complex. Great at any time of day.

Tea Information
Type Black Tea
Origin Highgrown, Sri Lanka
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Full Bodied Soothing and Complex with a Copper Coloured Cup.
Brewing Advice One to two dessert spoons per cup.
Infuse for 3 minutes in near-boiling water.