Char Assam Supreme Pyramid Tea Bags (Biodegradable)

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Buy these luxury Char Assam Supreme Pyramid Tea Bags online today at Char Teas UK, and receive two free samples of other teas from our exquisite tea selection

Discover Secrets of the World's Best Assam Tea Bags

This Assam TGFOP1 tea is selected from a single estate in Assam for its extraordinary rich maltiness and surprisingly floral tones. The result is a not too strong, mid-season Assam tea. Perfect for breakfast. Fans of Char Assam Supreme may also be interested in our delicious Bishop's Breakfast blend, combining to perfection this exquisite Assam with two other divine teas.

Eco-friendly Assam tea bags

These luxury Assam tea bags are made from soilon - a corn starch which is biodegradable.


Tea Information
Type Black Tea
Origin Assam, India
Format Loose Leaf & Biodegradable Soilon Pyramid Tea Bags
Taste Rich and Malty with a Golden Cup
Brewing Advice Use one tea bag per cup. Add freshly boiled water. Infuse for two to four minutes or according to taste.