Winchester Pairing

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Who could be disappointed with this pairing - Winchester Afternoon and Lady Winchester all beautifully packaged in air tight tea caddies.

Winchester afternoon tea - this special blend of rich, premium-quality Assam tea TGFOP1 is blended with the champagne of teas, a second flush TGFOP Darjeeling. The result is a tea with both strength and refinement. So good we named it after our home city.

Lady Winchester - Char has taken premium quality black teas (Assam, Sumatra, Darjeeling) and exquisitely flavoured them with orange, grapefruit and bergamot. Then, as a final touch, we have added orange peels and jasmine flowers.

Lovers of Lady Grey - this is for you.

The stainless steel infuser makes loose tea as easy as teabags.

Collection includes; 1x Winchester Afternoon 100g, 1x Lady Winchester 100g, 1x Stainless Steel Infuser.

Tea Information
Type Black
Origin India, China