English Breakfast (Caddy)

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English breakfast tea has a long pedigree. It dates from the 19th century, when black tea was brought from Keemun in China and blended in Scotland by a teamaster named Drysdale. Our English breakfast is a select blend of teas from Assam and Ceylon. They have a perfect body and aroma, and create a premium-quality tea. English Breakfast tea as it should be - strong, malty and the perfect start to the day. Best when served lightly sweetened with a dash of milk or cream. Presented in an air tight gift caddy.

Tea Information
Type Black Tea Blend
Origin Assam, India and Ceylon Sri Lanka
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Strong and Malty with a Perfect Body
Brewing Advice Use one dessert spoon per cup. Add fresh boiling water. Infuse for three to four minutes or according to taste.