Golden Needle Tea

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Golden needle tea is a treasure yet to be discovered by most English tea drinkers. This connoisseur tea is considered by many to be the best black tea available in China today.

It is exquisite and a 'must have' experience awaiting tea lovers. Golden needle tea, also known as Golden Breakfast, Yunnan Dian Hong and Golden Monkey, is a golden black Chinese tea from the Yunnan Province of China.

It is a non-astringent tea that we recommend you try without milk or sugar, although it is suitable for both. The cup is a deep golden colour and the taste is thick and malty with a sweet aftertaste. Drink from breakfast onwards.

Tea Information
Type Black Tea
Origin Yunnan Province, China
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Thick, Malty and Non Astringent with a Sweet Aftertaste and Deep Brown Cup
Brewing Advice Use one heaped dessert spoon per cup. Add boiling water. Infuse for one to five minutes according to taste.