Sencha Sakura Tea & Gift Caddy

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Buy delicious Sencha Sakura Tea, one of Japan's most popular teas, online at Char Teas. Sakura is the Japanese for 'cherry blossom', and sencha is Japanese for 'steamed tea'. Just the right amount of cherry and rose petals have been added to give this scented tea a sublime complexity of sweetness and astringency.

This loose-leaf sakura tea is presented in an attractive airtight gift caddy.

Ingredients: green tea, natural cherry flavouring, rose petals

Tea Information
Type Scented Green Tea
Origin Char Blend, China
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Both Sweet and Astringent
Brewing Advice One heaped dessert spoon per cup. Add hot but not boiling water (80ºC). Infuse for one minute.