Huang Shan Mao Feng (one of the ten famous teas of China)

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Mao Feng is one of the ten famous teas of China. This connoisseur green tea comes from the famous Anhui Province. Named after Dao Ren (Dao priests) who meditated on the mountain in the ancient times. The character of the tea is bright fresh and clean. It is refreshing and suits any time of day. The dark seaweedgreen leaf produces a bright champagne coloured liquor. The taste is brisk, clean and complex with sweet floral tones.

Mao Feng is one of the great teas of China. (reference: Tea Illustrated by Jane Pettigrew & Bruce Richardson, ISBN 978-1-905400-64-5)

Tea Information
Type Green Tea
Origin Anhui Province, China
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Brisk, Clean and Complex with Sweet Floral Tones with a Champagne Coloured Liquor
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Add hot but not boiling water (75-80ºC). Infuse for three minutes.