Dragon Well (Imperial Grade)

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This is the highest grade of one of the world's most famous and sought-after teas, also known as Long Jing. The leaves (like all green and white teas) are picked at the beginning of spring, meaning that they have had all winter to develop. As a result, they slowly absorb the nutrients from the soil and develop a great depth of flavour.

Each individual leaf and bud is then hand-pressed and shaped in a wok to achieve the perfect level of roasting. This process creates an emerald infusion that tastes of sweet chestnuts.

An afternoon tea.

Tea Information
Type Green Tea
Origin Zhejiang Province, China
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Sweet chestnut
Brewing Advice Two dessert spoons per cup. Add hot but not boiling water (75ºC). Infuse for two minutes. Suitable for multiple infusions.