Matcha (Matcha)

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Japan Ceremonial Matcha Premium Organic. This is Japan's most precious tea. The high quality leaves (Tencha) are shaded for 28 days before picking. The Tencha leaves are then ground into a fine green tea powder which is the tea at the centre of the Japanese tea ceremony and as such is a speciality. To produce good Matcha tender Gyokuru leaves are steamed briefly, dried in the air and finally, after removing all stems, are stone ground into a fine powder - a time consuming process. The shiny green Matcha is put directly into a tea bowl. Hot water is poured over it and foamed using a delicate bamboo whisk. This tea tastes bitter sweet with a fresh grassy aroma and vibrant coloured cup. the tea comes from the Kagoshima Prefecture and belongs to the premium category.

Fine sweet flavours, a velvety finish and its deep jade-green colours are distinctive of this top quality Matcha


Tea Information
Type Green Tea
Origin Japan
Format Fine Ground Powder
Taste Fresh Grassy Aroma with a Bitter Sweet Taste and Vibrant Coloured Cup
Brewing Advice Use two grams per cup. Fill a cup with a small amount of cold water (approx 15ml) Use a bamboo whisk to gently remove any lumps before filling with approx 75ml hot water (80ºC) and briskly whisking for a further 45-60 seconds - until the match looks thick frothy and even.