Premium Organic Matcha Green Tea

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From Japan, this is our exquisite Ceremonial Matcha Premium Organic Green Tea. This is Japan's most precious tea. The high quality leaves (Tencha) are shaded for 28 days before picking. The Tencha leaves are then ground into a fine green tea powder which is the tea at the centre of the Japanese tea ceremony and as such is a speciality. To produce good Matcha tender Gyokuru leaves are steamed briefly, dried in the air and finally, after removing all stems, are stone ground into a fine powder - a time consuming process. The shiny green Matcha is put directly into a tea bowl. Hot water is poured over it and foamed using a delicate bamboo whisk. This tea tastes bitter sweet with a fresh grassy aroma and vibrant coloured cup. the tea comes from the Kagoshima Prefecture and belongs to the premium category.

Fine sweet flavours, a velvety finish and its deep jade-green colours are distinctive of this top quality Matcha. Order it online today for fast and convenient home delivery.


Tea Information
Type Green Tea
Origin Japan
Format Fine Ground Powder
Taste Fresh Grassy Aroma with a Bitter Sweet Taste and Vibrant Coloured Cup
Brewing Advice Use two grams per cup. Fill a cup with a small amount of cold water (approx 15ml) Use a bamboo whisk to gently remove any lumps before filling with approx 75ml hot water (80ºC) and briskly whisking for a further 45-60 seconds - until the match looks thick frothy and even.