Breakfast & Earl Grey Gift Set

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Beautifully packaged in airtight tea caddies with a stainless steel infuser included too, this Breakfast & Earl Grey gift set, one of most popular gifts for tea lovers, includes two of our finest and best-selling teas!

Our Breakfast & Earl Grey Gift Set Includes

  •  Winchester Earl Grey Tea Gift Caddy (100g) - Winchester Earl Grey is a delicately perfumed superior Earl Grey. Only the finest Bergamot has been masterfully blended with the finest teas from Assam and Nilgiri. Enjoy preferably without milk. With teas like this, it is no wonder that Char Teas has a reputation for creating the best Earl Grey tea the UK has to offer. And this unique Earl Grey is specifically blended for those who enjoy their tea without milk.
  • New York Breakfast Tea Gift Caddy (100g) - Packing a large punch and stronger than most, this Breakfast FBOP (finest broken orange pekoe) is the ultimate breakfast tea. We have sourced this tea from the famous Mangalam tea garden in Assam. This tea is deliciously malty with a rich spicy taste. Full of golden tips the leaf produces a beautiful dark amber brew. Mangalam selected Assamica hybrids which they developed and then planted unusually close together, producing large leaves and many golden tips. Assam's full-bodied malty flavour makes it an excellent breakfast tea. You can enjoy it with or without milk.
  • stainless steel infuser that makes brewing loose tea as easy as teabags!

Tea Information
Type Black Tea

Assam, India, Ceylon Sri Lanka, Taiwan