Green Rooibos Peach & Apricot Tea

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Light and elegant, this is a super grade product that goes through multiple siftings, offering something new for Green Rooibos lovers. The needles are long and even, distinguishing it from ordinary grades. Green Rooibos is not fermented like Red Rooibos, but is immediately dried after picking. Health properties: contains traces of fluorine, iron, potassium and rutin as well as vitamin C and flavonoids.

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Rooibos tea comes from the Cape province of South Africa and is naturally caffeine and tannic acid and sugar-free. Char's rooibos tea is of the highest quality and has undergone the most thorough sifting and cleaning. It has been repeatedly sieved to ensure an even and high-quality final product - a 'super grade' quality from cultivated rank growth.

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Tea Information
Type Green Rooibos
Origin South Africa
Format Loose Leaf Tea
Taste Fresh taste with a slightly tangy aftertaste
Brewing Advice One heaped dessert spoon per cup. Add fresh boiling water.
Infuse for eight to ten minutes.