Char Darjeeling Supreme Tea & Gift Caddy

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This Darjeeling Tea Gift Caddy is the perfect gift for all lovers of fine tea, and with its stylish presentation, a great option for anyone seeking a Darjeeling tea gift set. Buy it online today for fast home delivery, and get two free samples of our other traditional teas with your order!

Why Darjeeling Makes a Perfect Gift

Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling 1st flush is known as the champagne of teas. This 1st flush Darjeeling is picked towards the end of the 1st flush season. The tea produces an infusion with an enticing amber colour.

A first-flush TGFOP1 Darjeeling, is a little stronger in body and colour than the later picking. It is fresh and fruity but a little more astringent than the second-flush Darjeeling teas. Its balanced taste is perfect for afternoon tea.

The distinctive flavour of Darjeeling arises from an unusual combination of high mountains, steep terrain, well drained soil and misty swirling clouds. Add the extreme cold in the winter and intense heat in the summer and the end result is the exquisite muscatel character and flowery aroma of good Darjeeling.

Tea Information
Type Black Tea
Origin Darjeeling, India
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Fresh Fruity and Balanced
Brewing Advice One dessert spoon per cup. Add hot but not boiling water (80ºC). Infuse for one minute or according to taste.