White & Yellow Tea

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Bai Mu Dan (White Peony)
Bai mu dan is one of the best-known white teas. Also known as white peony, it come from the tea plant known as 'chaicha' or narcissus, which grows in the Fujian province of China. The leaf shows many shades of green, and is large with numerous structures and a good portion of silvery-white leaf tips..
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Silver Needle
This tea is sweet, mellow, full flavoured and delicious. Long soft and downy, Silver Needle comes from the first spring buds of the DaBai tea plant. It is grown in Fuding, a serene region with soothing waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. This is an easy drinking tea that's ideal for long and lingeri..
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White Pearl
Emperor Hui Zong wrote: 'White tea is the rarest and most delicate of flavours... the pinnacle of refinement.' Our white pearl is certainly both rare and delicate. Two leaves and a bud are plucked, carefully rolled into a pearl and then left to dry in the open air. The process calls for gr..
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White Tea Dan Lei
Dan Lei is a white tea that is wonderfully scented with lychee juice and peony petals. It is a light and refreshing tea - one of our favourites. It is suitable for at least two infusions. ..
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Winchester Evening
Spring white peony (bai mu dan) tea has been blended with rosebuds to bring you a tea of distinction and delight. White peony is composed of the bud and two lower leaves. It comes from the Fujian province of China. Slow natural open-air drying makes this tea soothing and gentle. Rosebuds provide a p..
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About White & Yellow Tea

White tea was originally named after the tiny white or silver hairs that cover the bud. When brewed, white tea gives a very pale, champagne-coloured liquor that has a very light, soft, sweet, smooth taste. White teas are less processed than most teas and contain exceptionally high levels of antioxidants

Yellow teas are amoung China's rarest. They are slightly more yellowy-green in appearance than green tea and give a pale yellow-green liquor that has a fresh delicate honey sweetness.