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Pu erh Tea
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Chai Pu erh
This tea is for Pu erh beginners. We mix a strong spicy chai flavour with Pu erh tea. The combination works wonderfully if pure Pu erh is too strong for you. A strong spicy but not astringent brew. Low in caffeine. Suitable for any time of the day.  Pu erh tea is widely sold as a weight..
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Chrysanthemum Pu erh
This wonderfully healthy pu erh has been blended with whole white chrysanthemum flowers to create a most interesting tea. White chrysanthemum flowers are known for their cooling effect on the body. This union creates an interesting brew with an unusual aftertaste and a rich red brew. Pu erh tea i..
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Golden Pu erh
Puerh teas are distinctive and centuries ago were reserved for the privileged only. The leaves were traditionally buried in the ground to develop an earthy taste and alleged health properties such as; improving digestion, reducing cholesterol and it's use as a slimming aid. Today more modern methods..
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Palace Pu erh (Gong Tin 2016)
The humid climate, high altitude and fertile soil of the Yunnan province of China provide the perfect environment to grow the high-quality teas for which Yunnan is famous. 'Gong tin' means means 'palace' in Chinese - referring to the Emperor. The tender golden leaf tips that are used for this tea..
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Pu erh Cake 2012
This is one of the famous teas of China, and is unique in taste. The process to turn light green rough pu erh into ripened pu erh is a recent one. In a process similar to composting, the leaves are subjected to prolonged bacterial and fungal fermentation in a warm and humid environment. The taste is..
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Pu erh Mini Cake
The unique character of Pu erh teas results from storing these teas in cool cellars or in the ground for one or more years. The light to dark brown leaf develops a strong, spicy earthy taste and depending on the brewing, an earthy and woody flavour. The infusion has a rich dark red colour. The ..
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Pu erh Toucha
The Pu erh leaves are pressed into tiny individually wrapped bowls (toucha is a bird's nest in Chinese) each making a cup of Pu erh tea. Puerh can be stored and left to mature over long periods of time. Like many fine wines, the older the tea the better. These toucha are ideal for travelling or days..
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Raw Green Pu erh Cake 2009
This is one of the great and famous teas of China As a general the age of principle Pu erh should be considered in the same terms as red wine - the older the better. Raw green pu erh cake is produced in a few main stages: 1, The plucked leaves are spread out in the sun or a ventilated space to..
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Rose Pu erh
Pu erh teas are moisturised again after fermentation and stored in wide, dark cellars for more than a year. This half-fermented tea has a red cup and gentle aromatic rose flavour, creating an elegant unity with the typical and special flavour of pu erh. Ingredients: Pu erh tea, pink and white ros..
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Wild Pu erh
Pu erh teas differ from other teas because they are prepared and fermented in specific conditions. They are the only teas that improve with time. Leaves are plucked from wild trees, and the longer they are kept, the more mature the fragrance becomes. Caffeine levels also drop over time. The result i..
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Yunnan Pu erh
Yunnan is ideal for tea production because of its geographical position and climatic conditions. It is the home of pu erh teas. The unique character of pu erh teas results from storing the tea in cool cellars or underground for one or more years. They have many alleged health properties, including l..
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About Pu erh Tea


Pu erh tea is produced from the 'Lagge leaf' variety of the camellia sinensis and named after the Pu erh country (Yunnan Province of China).

Pu erh tea is widely sold as a weight loss tea and is regularly used as a main ingredient in commercially prepared weight loss tea mixtures. Although there is, as yet, no empirically backed evidence as to how Pu erh tea might facilitate weight loss, there are widely proposed explanations. The belief is that the tea increases the drinkers metabolic rate and that the high tannin level reduces nutrient absorbtion.

Drinking Pu erh tea is purported to reduce blood cholesterol. This belief has been backed up by scientific studies. These not only demonstrated a result of a lowered LDL cholesterol in rats but discovered a specific mechanism through which chemicals in Pu erh tea inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol.

Whatever your reasons for drinking Puerh it is one of the most interesting teas of China and drunk around the World for its distinctive taste as well as its health properties.