White Pearl Tea

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Order our exquisite White Pearl Tea online for freshly packed, skilfully produced loose tea pearls that produce a divine flavour!

How our White Pearl Tea is Created

Emperor Hui Zong wrote: 'White tea is the rarest and most delicate of flavours... the pinnacle of refinement.' Our white pearl tea is certainly both rare and delicate. Two leaves and a bud are plucked, carefully rolled into a pearl and then left to dry in the open air. The process calls for great skill, as the leaves must be rolled without breaking otherwise the tea will ferment, making a black rather than a white tea. The pearls unfurl while infusing to give a mellow, delicate brew.

The cup is a pale gold and possess a slight sweetness. Suitable for multiple infusions.

Tea Information
Type White Tea
Origin China
Format Loose Tea Pearls
Taste Mellow, Delicate Brew with a Pale Gold Cup and Slight Sweetness
Brewing Advice Handle with care, eight to ten pearls per cup. Add hot but not boiling water (70ºC). Infuse for two minutes.
Suitable for multiple infusions.