Chrysanthemum Pu erh

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This wonderfully healthy pu erh has been blended with whole white chrysanthemum flowers to create a most interesting tea. White chrysanthemum flowers are known for their cooling effect on the body. This union creates an interesting brew with an unusual aftertaste and a rich red brew.

Pu erh tea is widely sold as a weight loss tea and is regularly used as a main ingredient in commercially prepared weight loss tea mixtures. Although there is, as yet, no empirically backed evidence as to how Pu erh tea might facilitate weight loss, there are widely proposed explanations. The belief is that the tea increases the drinkers metabolic rate and that the high tannin level reduces nutrient absorbtion.

Whatever your reasons for drinking Puerh it is one of the most interesting teas of China and drunk around the World for its distinctive taste as well as its health properties.

Tea Information
Type Pu erh Tea
Origin China
Format Loose Leaf
Taste Unusual Aftertaste and a Rich Red Brew.
Brewing Advice Use one dessert spoon and at least one flower per cup. Add water just off boiling. Infuse for one to three minutes.