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Georgian Old Gentleman
This is a boutique tea, with only 200kg produced in a year. Luri makes this tea in the small village of Nasakirali. His tea is made in May and has the freshness of a mountain springtime meadow. Old gentleman tea is very well twisted and even. It is blacker than our old lady tea, which is made in Aug..
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Golden Nepal
The small tea plantations in Nepal are still owned by families who produce their tea by hand. These fine teas are produced in very small growing areas at altitudes of 1000 to 2000m. The result is a mild and very aromatic leaf tea with a striking, medium-sized well-worked leaf and many tips. It is a ..
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Himalayan Gold and Honey
This tea won the North American tea championship for the best black tea in February 2015. It is truly a masterpiece of the tea craft. The tea comes from gardens which sit 11,000 feet above sea level. The rich malty brew has a special honey sweetness. It is well balanced and delicious. Drink with or ..
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Mate  (Beverage of the Gods)
Also known as the 'green god of the Indos', this drink originated in Paraguay.  The leaves come from a type of holly tree and contain caffeine bound in a tannic substance. This caffeine is released gradually once the drink is consumed, so its stimulating effect lasts longer than that of coff..
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Organic Golden Nepal 2018
Golden Nepal has been produced exclusively for Char by Nepal's most prestigious International Award-Winning small tea producer. The result is a mild and very aromatic tea with a striking, medium sized and well-worked leaf. It is a fresh new tea of prime quality with a gentle and flowery sweet f..
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About Other Teas


There are fine teas produced in places beyond China and India. For many years teas from Georgia were considered to be amongst the most distinguished - full bodied with fine flavour. Our Georgian tea is hand crafted in boutique tea gardens and we recommend these teas to you.

Nepalese teas are similar in taste to darjeeling teas but without the hefty price tag of some. With high growing altitudes and the use of Chinese camellia sinensis plants, teas from Nepal are definately worthy of your attention. You can buy carefully selected Georgian teas and Nepal teas in this section.