Darjeeling Moonshine 1st Flush FTGFOP1 - spring 2019

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One of the anticipated moments of the tea calender is the arrival of the new Darjeeling 1st flush - with a freshness and flavour on a completely different level.

The most succulent and flavourful leaf is harvested at the start of the season. The bushes spring back after 3-4 months of winter dormancy, producing the most tender leaf with large full buds. This is Moonshine.

The slightly larger leaf is now perfect for our ‘Glenburn First Flush FTGFOP1’.
This tea is brisk and has a full body with citrus and peach notes of the classic Darjeeling First Flush Tea.

Ideally it should be consumed within three months - for maximum freshness.

Limited stocks.

Tea Information
Type Black Tea
Origin Glenburn Garden, Darjeeling, India
Format Loose Leaf
Taste An Intense Muscatel Fresh and Flowery Flavour
Brewing Advice Use one level dessert spoon (2.5g) per cup and infuse with water at 85ºC for four minutes.