Jasmine & Chamomile Set

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An ideal gift for lovers of delicate infusions...

Fine China Jasmine - a jasmine tea. It is superior in both taste and appearance. The fragrant leaves are harvested and processed thoroughly. They are then sieved to give the tea a more distinct taste. The cup has a light slightly yellow colour, spreading a glorious bouquet of jasmine. Ingredients: half fermented tea and jasmine blossoms

Chamomile - a very high-quality chamomile tea. The hand-sorted loose flower chamomile is more intense in flavour than the usual product and is naturally caffeine free. Chamomile tea has been used since Neolithic times and is reputed to have relaxing qualities. A cup before bed may aid a good night's sleep. Drink hot or cold, plain or sweetened with honey. We challenge you to compare this chamomile with any you have previously enjoyed.

Glass Teapot - A classically styled hand blown glass teapot. Made from the very best material, borax heat resistant glass, this teapot is excellent for all teas particularly art teas and tea flowers. Add the sense of sight to the brewing of your favourite tea.

Ingredients: whole chamomile flowers.

Collection includes; 1x Fine China Jasmine 100g, 1x Chamomile Flowers 50g, 1x Rhonda Glass Teapot (750ml)

Tea Information
Type Green / Herbal Infusion
Origin China / Croatia
Format Loose Leaf