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China Black Tea
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Black Gunpowder Organic
Gunpowder tea is so called because the pellets resemble the gunpowder used by British warships in the 19th century. This black China tea is from the Fujian Province where it is called 'Black Pearls'. It has been carefully processed according to tradition. The leaves have been rolled by hand int..
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Black Sencha
This rare Black Sencha comes from the Zheijiang Province of China. The processing of this tea is the same as the processing of a classic green Sencha but with longer fermetation time. The tea has a fine tangy roasted tone and a mild, very pleasant brew. ..
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Bohea Lapsang
This tea comes from the Wu Yi mountains of the Fujian province of China. Hot air from the pine log fired drying ovens, gives a hint of smokiness. The peat-black, twisted leaf gives a beautiful, hazel liquor with golden hues. The aroma of smoked pine is exquisitely smooth. This lapsang has a gentle s..
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China Rose
China black tea (called red tea in China) is blended with fresh rose petals and natural rose flavour. This blending produces a truly memorable sweet and lightly scented tea. This is the best we have tasted - it is excellent hot and perfect iced. An afternoon and evening tea. ..
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Golden Breakfast
Usually known as Golden Needle, this tea is a treasure yet to be discovered by most English tea drinkers. This a connoisseur tea which our Chinese tea buyer describes as the best black tea in China today. Notice the long rolled up leaves and the golden colour. This is a must try tea from the Yunnan ..
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Golden Bud (Hong Jin Ya)
Yunnan province is one of the three birthplaces of tea, and it is said to be home to the world's oldest cultivated tea tree - allegedly 3200 years old. We have chosen this tea for you because of its exceptional taste. The tea is picked in spring and consists of a bud only. The limited quantity of th..
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Golden Pu erh
Puerh teas are distinctive and centuries ago were reserved for the privileged only. The leaves were traditionally buried in the ground to develop an earthy taste and alleged health properties such as; improving digestion, reducing cholesterol and it's use as a slimming aid. Today more modern methods..
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Keemun Supreme
This is one of the world's great black teas, originating in the Quiman region of the Anhui province of China. Keemun is a full-bodied but mellow tea producing a deep red copper cup that is fruity with hints of wine. It also displays a hint of delicious orchid fragrance and China tea s..
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Pu erh Cake 2012
This is one of the famous teas of China, and is unique in taste. The process to turn light green rough pu erh into ripened pu erh is a recent one. In a process similar to composting, the leaves are subjected to prolonged bacterial and fungal fermentation in a warm and humid environment. The taste is..
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Pu erh Mini Cake
The unique character of Pu erh teas results from storing these teas in cool cellars or in the ground for one or more years. The light to dark brown leaf develops a strong, spicy earthy taste and depending on the brewing, an earthy and woody flavour. The infusion has a rich dark red colour. The ..
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Pu erh Toucha
The Pu erh leaves are pressed into tiny individually wrapped bowls (toucha is a bird's nest in Chinese) each making a cup of Pu erh tea. Puerh can be stored and left to mature over long periods of time. Like many fine wines, the older the tea the better. These toucha are ideal for travelling or days..
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Rose Mini Toucha
The climate and rich red soil of the Yunnan province of China, from where this tea originates, make it superb for the cultivation of tea. This rose toucha is made from Yunnan black (or red) tea and a single rose bud using an ancient traditional method. No perfumes or oils are used. Pu erh tea is ..
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Rose Tea Cake 2015
The Chinese name for this 2015 Rose Tea Cake is 'Mei Gui Hua Bing'. It comes from Yunnan where it is a tea production novelty. ..
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Yunnan Imperial
Yunnan Imperial is grown at altitudes of 1200 to 2000m. This is a full-bodied black tea, particularly good as an alternative to English breakfast. Its golden tips give a sweet and malty taste and a spicy soft aftertaste. The infusion is strong and dark without astringency. ..
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About China Black Tea


We source our China black teas directly in China. We have resident Chinese tea tasters and buyers of exceptional ability who have developed very close personal relationships with the growers. Buying top quality tea in China is not easy. It is all about relationships. Buyers from Europe rarely get the best teas or the best deal - this requires Chinese buyers on the ground, visiting the tea gardens. As a result our China teas are of outstanding quality and at the best prices you will find for loose leaf black China tea. 

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