Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea
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Ceylon Kenilworth
This Lower Dimbula Ceylon orange pekoe tea from the Kenilworth Garden is considered one of the finest Ceylon teas available. It is manufactured using the traditional rolling table. Long wiry leaves give a full-bodied copper-gold-coloured infusion and a smokey, almost oaky taste. Kenilworth..
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Ceylon Special Ratnapura
This tea is a top-speciality FOP (finest orange pekoe) and a true rarity. It comes from the low growing region of Sabaragamuwa District of Sri Lanka, and has fine needle-shaped leaves with many silvery tips. The taste is highly aromatic and spicy with a unique quality similar to ..
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Char Ceylon Supreme
This is true serendipity, meaning a happy discovery: Serendip was one of the names originally given to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and one fully deserved by Char Ceylon Supreme. It is highgrown in the mountains of Sri Lanka which reach upto 5000 feet. The dry wind blows during the plucking season result..
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Char Ceylon Supreme Pyramid Tea Bags (Biodegradable)
Whole leaf Lower Dimbula Ceylon tea - perhaps the best known tea of all - in a pyramid tea bag. Long wiry leaves give a full-bodied, oaky taste and a copper-coloured infusion. Perfect with milk or without. The tea bags are made from soilon - a corn starch which is biodegradable. ..
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About Ceylon Tea


Ceylon teas are rich, golden and can be pleasantly harsh. The stronger and darker qualities are from the lower tea growing regions. The golden yellow coloured teas are from the high growing areas over 1000 metres in altitude. Ceylon teas are a common ingredient in English breakfast teas, added to give extra strength.

You can try Ceylon tea as a pure tea in its own right. It has a full taste and golden cup. These are fine teas for strong tea lovers. If you are a lover of Ceylon teas we recommend you also consider Irish breakfast or Golden needle.