Art Teas & Flowers

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Double Happiness
The Chinese art of blooming flowers is an ancient one. These beautiful tea flowers are hand tied in a ball of tender young buds and tea leaves. Best infused in a glass teapot, this blooming fllower will slowly unfurl to reveal its full glory and release a beautiful delicate brew. It p..
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Jasmine Arch
This small work of art unfolds to reveal an arch of jasmine flowers. Creating it takes great skill. Premium-quality leaves are used - they are picked and then humidified once more for processing. Finally, they are woven into their form with moist young blossoms. The result is a lovely light everyday..
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About Art Teas & Flowers

It is common to find in the making of art teas and tea flowers, the quality of the tea can become second to producing a fancy looking product. Char has ensured that you will enjoy both quality tea as well as beauty.

Our tea flowers are truly enticing and a work of art. Each beautiful flowering tea is hand sewn under the supervision of a master of the art. They are crafted using the finest green tea and sourced directly by our resident Chinese tea masters. Char's tea flowers come with jasmine flowers or jasmine, amaranth and chrysanthemum. Art teas and tea flowers are a delight for both eye and pallet. You may also be interested in our jasmine pearls.